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Janet Robin

Products used: Clayton Custom Acetal, Standard, 0.80mm.

“I have been using Clayton Picks for over 25 yrs now… and I have never deviated. I love the feel of them, how sturdy they are, the simplicity of design, and the tone I get when I dig into my strings. These picks help define my percussive & harmonic style, either on electric or acoustic… and they never let me down.”

Music audiences around the world have seen and heard Janet Robin’s incredible guitar work as a former featured touring member of the Lindsey Buckingham Band (from Fleetwood Mac), Meredith Brooks Band, and [...]

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Category: Featured

Carl Verheyen of Supertramp

Products used: Clayton white acetal picks

“I’ve used this style of Clayton pick for acoustic guitar recording and live playing ever since the day they came out. Nothing sounds better!”

In his 40-plus years of playing the instrument, Carl has created a wildly successful, multi-faceted career. He is a critically-acclaimed, Grammy®- nominated musician, vocalist, songwriter, arranger, producer and educator with 11 CDs and two live DVDs released worldwide. Carl is commonly regarded as a guitar virtuoso capable of playing any style of music with remarkable mastery and conviction. He has been one of LA’s elite “first call” session players for [...]

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Category: A - F, Featured

Peyton Parker

Products used: Clayton custom printed white acetal .63 picks

“I love these picks! Besides being nearly indestructible, they’re really flexible and produce a beautiful tone. The custom print is amazing too! I love having something personal to hand out to fans at my shows and these picks are perfect.”

With a unique voice and an easy charm, Peyton Parker knew what she wanted to be at a young age and is quickly establishing herself as a rising pop country singer/songwriter.

Peyton calls her lyrics “conversational” and describes her music much like she describes herself – “pop country with some sparkle”. [...]

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Category: Featured, M - R

Brantley Gilbert

Products used: Black Raven 0.80mm in Rounded Triangle shape

“These picks are BADASS! You could say I’m kind of a Brass Knuckle Connoisseur, so the custom graphic on the opposite side of my logo makes me pretty happy. And just for the record, not only does the black raven have an awesome texture, it makes one hell of a frisbee.”

Stop and listen to any of Brantley Gilbert’s lyrics and you know a little about him. Listen to his albums and you will feel like family.

Brantley Gilbert was born and raised in the small town of Jefferson, Georgia, just [...]

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Category: Featured, G - L

Savannah Lynne

Products used: Clayton Custom picks

“With over 80 gigs the past year alone, the last thing I want to worry about is my pick breaking. I love how strong Clayton Picks are and it’s one less thing I have to think about when I go on stage…”

Savannah Lynne grew up on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands of Maui and Kauai. Her love of country music brought her from Hawaii to Los Angeles and onward to Nashville, TN. At the young age of only 14, Savannah Lynne has played at such iconic venues as The Whiskey, The House of Blues, and [...]

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Category: Featured, S - W


Products used: Mike uses Custom Color Delrin, Standard, 1.14mm. Rob uses Custom Acetal, Standard, 0.80mm. Kujo uses Custom Color Delrin, Standard, 1.00mm.

“I love my custom pick! If it’s on stage or in the studio they play great, sound amazing and are definitely the most reliable picks I’ve ever used! Designed for hard rocking mayhem” – Mike

“Steve Clayton is the top of the line! If you want to feel special about owning a personalized pick of your own, these are the best!” – Rob.

“I´m feeling so comfortable with my Steve Clayton picks – they make me play less [...]

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Category: Featured, G - L

We Came As Romans

Products used: custom White Delrin Standard 1.00mm, custom Green Delrin Standard 0.88mm

“My guitar picks rule! There’s not a better feeling than playing my bass and knowing I have a custom BUTT logo on my pick!” – Andy “Butt Jaw” Glass uses custom White Delrin Standard 1.00mm.

“Steve Clayton Picks are amazing, they made them exactly how i like them. I couldn’t be happier.” – Lou Cotton uses custom White Delrin Standard 1.00mm.

“I love my guitar picks! It’s awesome to be able to personalize something I can use every day and give to fans!” – Joshua Moore uses custom [...]

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Category: Featured, S - W

Bret Michaels

As a rock star, reality star, spokesperson, businessman, and philanthropist, Bret Michaels does more jobs in a single day than most people do in an entire lifetime. Depending on the hour of the day he’s a cultural icon, a rock god, an entrepreneur, a TV star, a father, the face of the American Diabetes Association, a supercross enthusiast, solo artist, Poison frontman, and a generous donor to a myriad of charitable causes.

Michaels first rose to fame as the frontman of Poison. As one of rock’s most iconic and enduring bands, Poison defined the fast, gritty, and glamorous rock ‘n’ [...]

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Category: A - F, Featured

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