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James Otto

Products used: Acetal 1.00mm, Rounded Triangle

“I’m A big guy, I MUST have a big Pick! I’m 6 foot 5 Inches tall and built more like a linebacker than a Singer or guitar player. The Clayton Rounded Triangle Pick is the perfect fit for my hands and my style of playing. Whether I am in the studio or on tour, you’ll always find me using Clayton Picks to help make my music.”

James cannot be categorized with a single word. His music has a mix of country and rock and roll that almost anyone can appreciate. Moste everyone has [...]

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Category: Featured, G - L

Tim Foreman of Switchfoot

Tim Foreman plays bass for Switchfoot, a 5-piece rock band from San Diego. The band originally formed as a trio in 1996, and they cut their teeth playing sweaty rock shows in every rock club across the US. The band released 3 indie records prior to their better known major-label releases, “the Beautiful Letdown” and “Nothing is Sound,” which have combined to sell 3.5 million records with hits such as “Meant To Live”, “Dare You To Move”, “Stars”, and “One Tonight”. Tim began playing bass at age 11, in a Led Zeppelin cover band with his brother Jon. In addition [...]

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Category: Featured, S - W

Robert Kearns

Products used: Acetal Rounded Triangle .80mm

“It just feels like the best pick for me when I play with them. They are the correct pick to use, and they feel better than any other pick… Even when my bass is not plugged in, the sound is louder. They provide a better tone.”

Robert Kearns is an American bassist who has played with several notable bands. He is from Conover, NC. He was a founding member of Cry of Love from 1989 until 1997 and went on to join The Bottle Rockets from 1998 until 2005. In 2009 he was named [...]

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Category: Featured, M - R

John Driskell Hopkins

Products used: Acetal Rounded Triangle 0.63mm and 0.80mm guitar picks with his own custom designs

“I’ve used Clayton triangle picks religiously for the past 20 years. In my experience, there isn’t another pick on the market that is more balanced or reliable. Some of my older friends may even recognize this one circa 1993…”

John Driskell Hopkins has walked the musical path for the last 20 years. As a bass player, guitar player, singer and songwriter for several bands of the rock variety, Hopkins rooted himself in the Atlanta, GA music scene in 1995, producing records and touring with his [...]

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Category: Featured, G - L

Colin Hay

Products used: Ultem Standard 0.80mm and Ultem Rounded Triangle 0.94mm.

While Colin Hay’s voice and visage are familiar to millions as front-man, songwriter, and vocalist of pop sensation Men at Work (“Down Under”, “Overkill”, “Who Can it Be Now?”), the past ten years have found him re-introducing himself to a new generation of fans. The frequent use of his music in TV and film—including hit shows such as Scrubs (on which he has made several cameo appearances) and Army Wives, the hit sound track to the film Garden State and the recently released Morning Glory—has proven the timeless appeal of [...]

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Category: A - F, Featured

Willy Braun of Reckless Kelly

Products used: Acetal Standard 1.00mm.

“I’ve been using Steve Clayton picks for years. they’re durable, they’re easy to hang on to, they look cool and they sail well when I toss em’ at the crowd! I once had a sound man tell me that my pick hit him in the chest from over 100 feet away. Try doing that with a cheesy light pick!”

For fifteen years Reckless Kelly has been doing things their way, bucking the mainstream system and playing by their own rules, straddling the fence between country and rock as if they built it themselves. Throughout the [...]

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Category: Featured, S - W

Danny Miranda of Queen

Products used: Acetal Rounded Triangle 0.80mm & 1.00mm

“I’ve been using Clayton picks since the mid- 1990’s, and I haven’t used another pick since! Perfect balance, tone, and feel. The best sounding and feeling pick I’ve ever played! “

Danny Miranda cut his musical teeth in the burgeoning Long Island club scene of the 1980s. In a place known for brutally unforgiving audiences, Danny immediately distinguished himself as a cat with some serious chops – a player who could lay you out with some of the heaviest funk going, and without missing a beat, drop into a slick jazz groove [...]

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Category: A - F, Featured

John Konesky

Products used: Clayton Custom picks with his own design

“As a finger-style and hybrid-picker I never spent too much time worrying about picks.. that is until I tried Claytons. On “for-hire” sessions and live dates you need to have a lot of different techniques at your disposal, and when it comes to anything from digging into raunchy rhythms or mountain-top-face-melters, all the way to slinky and soft sensitive jams, Clayton delivers the tone and feel I want from a pick, absolutely every time.”

John Konesky is a guitarist and composer. He plays electric guitar for Tenacious D and Kyle Gass’s [...]

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Category: Featured, G - L

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