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Random Radio

Products used: Clayton Custom White Delrin 1.00mm

“Random Radio uses Clayton picks because they are awesome! Great to play with, our audience loves them(when they can get their paws on them), and an easy company to work with. Love Amber!”

We play music that makes women DANCE!

Turn us on and turn it up!

What do you get when you put 5 people from totally different parts of the US and different musical backgrounds in a room with some instruments and attitude? Random Radio is what!

The band, formed in September of 2010 right here in San Diego, plays a [...]

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Martyr Art

Products used: Glow In The Dark Picks (Gauge: 1.00)

“If there is one thing that I’ve learned, from playing guitar for over 20 years, it’s that your guitar pick really does impact the way you play. The quality, gauge, shape, flexibility and strength are all major factors in how a pick is represented, but it all comes down to how it feels when you do play. I’ve used a lot of picks, and I have to say that the Steve Clayton Guitar Picks are engineered for tearing up the fretboard.” – Joe Gagliardi III

MARTYR ART is an Alternative [...]

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Products used: Custom Yellow Delrin 0.73mm

“Playing the electrifying music that we play demands equipment that can hold up to the abuse and Steve Clayton picks never let us down! We love how well AMERICAN made and durable our custom Steve Clayton picks are! They look cool and sound even better!” -Eric and Mark

With the music of AC/DC having been in existence for 4 decades there is only one band worthy of paying tribute to the original era of the greatest band in the world. And since 2001 that act is OVER/DOSE, the Northeast U.S. only authentic sounding tribute [...]

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Products used: Black Raven – Standard, 1.00mm, Acetal – Standard, 1.26mm, 1.52, Acetal – rounded triangle 1.26, One medium and one large brass slide, Leather Straps

“Clayton picks are amazing, durable and have a great feel! I can’t use anything else!” — Jakovich Skolnick, QUEL BORDEL!

QUEL BORDEL! was founded in San Diego in 2013 when a Ukrainian gypsy named Jakovich Skolnick met renowned classical violinist Regina Brown on a French Caribbean cruise line. Adding two Filipino brothers Aaron and Allen after meeting on a sordid fishing trip, the band came to America and enlisted drummer Nick Sitar [...]

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Ronnie Parkes

Products used: Black Raven Picks 1.00mm, Steve Clayton Custom picks

“I found Steve Clayton picks just by looking on the internet for something different. I choose the Black Raven picks and instantly fell in love with them. As a bass player they help reduce string click and pop but still give me the attack you expect from a pick. Needless to say the decision as to what picks to use was made the first night I performed with them.”

Ronnie Parkes is an American Bassist and Guitarist. He is best known for playing bass for Seven Witches, Tango Down, [...]

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Products used: Steve Clayton 1mm Colored Delrin Rounded Triangle Pick and Steve Clayton .6mm Colored Delrin Standard Pick

“Bassist Jaz McKee and Guitarist Victor Chin are very big fans of their Steve Clayton picks. Not only do they get exactly what they want on the pick but the quality and service is out of this world. “

ME VERSUS I is a Post-Hardcore band coming out of New Jersey. They take great pride in their passionate music and ability to bring that passion to the stage. Formed in 2010, they’ve released two EP’s and 1 split with fellow New Jersey [...]

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Paulo Morete

Products used: Clayton white pearl 1mm, black celulloid 1mm, and white pearl 0,6mm

“The best picks for live and studio use for hours and hours of use!”

Paulo Morete is an Spanish guitarist and songwriter and also a member of the rock band InMune, he also played in other bands in the past like Einsof, Sátrapa, Noud. Now touring with InMune and playing his Clayton picks very hard for all of Spain!

Personal website: www.paulomorete.com
Band website: www.inmuneband.com
Videoclip: http://youtu.be/L9OG1Vq-R9I

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Products used: Clayton custom guitar pick rounded triangle 152 mm

“I have discovered Steve Clayton picks when I first came to the USA from Europe, ever since I have not used any other pick

They are smooth durable great sounding…..”

“If your heart is touched; my music has spoken”

World renown…Nocy’s music is a rich experience of classical and contemporary guitar styles, influenced by different world cultures. His live performances have been described as, “Explosive” (Santa Barbara International Jazz Festival) and “A world-class entertainer ” (Los Angeles Garlic Festival). Nocy seamlessly blends world flavors of Flamenco, Latin, Jazz, Blues and [...]

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