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Products used: Clayton custom picks white 0.8mm Delrin

“I love Clayton Custom for their wealth of options, their friendly service and their great quality end product. I’ve been through several sets of picks over the years, and have now found the ones that really make my playing tighter and better than before, thanks to Clayton Custom”

Nevla has been involved in the Gothic and Alternative scene in the UK for over a decade. As well as the occasional session work (he toured with All Living Fear in 2009) he played guitar for Rome Burns for 9 years, and has spent [...]

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Products used: Clayton custom picks

“I like to have custom things, as my guitar and everything i’m using. And Steve Clayton have the coolest things on their website. Good Quality For Everyone.”

1986, Treponem Pal launches its very first sonic offensive.

Industrial-groove breaking meets electronic hacking and hardcore, metal and tribal banging… The quintet led by Marco Neves engenders a new sound. Brutal and lethal. Mind Opening is the main leitmotiv.

At the very same time, across the Channel and across the Atlantic, Godflesh, Ministry and a few others, experiment this new tendency too.
The future will put these [...]

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Products used: Clayton custom color delrin guitar picks

“In my lifetime I have tried just about every guitar pick there is to try and ever since I found Clayton Picks I haven’t played anything else. The quality and feel of the pick is second to none and not the mention the masterful custom artwork that makes Steve Clayton custom picks the only picks I plan to play for the rest of my guitar playing life!”

ODDSLANE is a St. Louis based Rootsy Alternative Pop/Rock band that creates music that fuses diverse influences from a wide range of styles, but maintains [...]

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Max Solo

Products used:
Clayton Custom Ultem 1.20, Clayton Custom Delrin 1.14

“These picks are comfortable to play and sound perfect. I live in Germany but still order my picks from the States… this means something.”

My name is Max Solo. I am a guitar instructor. I believe that anyone can play guitar with the right motivation, patience and somebody who could show them how to do it right. As for me, I don’t think I had any talent at the time I started to play guitar but my motivation was inexhaustible. I went a long road alone before I found [...]

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Patrick Vega

Products used: Patrick uses Clayton USA guitar picks and slides. The guitar picks are used for playing and promotional products (featuring autograph and various album artwork). Vega’s main pick for playing purposes is the Acetal 1.0mm. You can see the collection of Patrick Vega Signature pictures here: http://www.patrickvega.com/guitarpicks.html

Glasslides used are various sizes of the glass slide and also socket slides (made of heavy chrome) for different tones

“Clayton…’cause there’s so much you can do with it!”


I’ve come a pretty long way both musically and personally. I took the step [...]

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Ophelia’s Breath

Products used: Clayton custom picks – colored derlin 1.14mm

“We like to use your products because it has very hight quality and pretty low prices, and you have very good service and good and user-friendly website interface.”

We are Ophelia’s Breath – Russian progressive deathcore band, formed in 2008.
At the time of the creation, we are called “Watch Me Bleed” and did not know what music we’re want to play and what will be our music. Focusing both on western and on the russian bands, we have tried hard to make something of our own, original, something that [...]

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Products used:
Black Raven picks

“Steve Clayton Inc. picks and accessories are invaluable classics, strong and reliable.”

After a decade of agressive musical experiments, of doubts and accomplishments, of breaks and euphorias, the guys of MINUSHUMAN are steadily moving to the next step. The real deal is starting now.

Through their crushingly intense live shows and their aggressive, richly textured songs, French metal band MINUSHUMAN is a revelation. The group straddles the boundaries between death metal, thrash and rock and takes us through their unique, oppressive, chaotic universe, highlighting the dire state of the world for anyone willing to [...]

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Not Quite Devils

Products used:
Pro Lemon, Pro Shine, Custom Guitar Picks

“Pro Lemon & Pro Shine gets my guitar back into shape after I wear out it out with my Steve Clayton Custom Picks!”

NOT QUITE DEVILS is a band from Stockbridge,Ga. that was formed after 4 friends got together for a jam in a relatives basement. The jam went so well we decided to continue playing as a group. The bands name comes from our lead singer Derrell Fields, who stated…”we are not quite angels but we are not quite devils either”. Other members include Gerald Ledford on guitar/vocals, [...]

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