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Night by Night

Products used:
1.90mm Black Raven pick, 1.00mm white picks

“Your picks are not easy to come by in the UK, but I was recently over in Tampa for Dean guitars and bought a supply! I personally use the 1.90mm black raven pick, and I picked up a few other 1.00mm white (unsure of model) for the others in the band. Ben and Jon have been using them exclusively since February, and supplies are dwindling! I love the black raven picks. Finding a non-slippy, non-clicky thick pick is hard work, and finally I found one!”

Night by Night are a [...]

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Category: M - R

Page Hamilton of Helmet

Products used: 1.52 mm rounded triangle guitar picks, featuring the Helmet logo.

Page Hamilton began his musical career in the early 1980’s studying jazz guitar in New York City. During this time he joined Band of Susans for their Love Agenda album and then started his band Helmet. They recorded four albums: Strap it On, Meantime, Betty and Aftertaste. Their last three albums reached the Billboard top 100. Page also contributed guitar composition credits to the soundtrack for the crime drama Heat. After Helmet, he started Gandhi, toured with Davie Bowie and explored a variety of musical styles. In 2003 [...]

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Category: Featured, M - R

Byron Nemeth

Byron has just finished a brand new instrumental song entitled “Engines Of Thunder”. Stylistically it’s a “tip-of-the-hat” to the early Satriani & Hendrix vibe when there was strong emphasis on composition and lyrical soloing with catchy hooks and unique twists in the guitar playing.

“Engines Of Thunder” was recorded in Apple Logic Pro X with the Universal Audio Apollo Twin X QUAD using only the UA Marshall JMP 2203 and Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 plug-in’s for an amazing emulation of the legendary Marshall sound.

These plug-in’s are like recording with Vintage Gear because they deliver dead-on tones of the great [...]

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