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Rahul Bharwani

Products used: Exclusively uses the Nutone Extra Heavy picks.

“The Nutone picks really deliver in terms of adaptability and comfort. It feels great to play everything from jazz, metal and everything in between with it.”

Rahul Bharwani is a LA based session guitarist and lead guitarist for the band Godlike In Ruin. Hailing from Indonesia, Rahul decided to travel to the U.S to study at the prestigious Musicians Institute where he was able to learn a plethora of musical styles such as Jazz, Blues, Latin, etc. Musicians Institute is also where he met his bandmates and the rest is history. [...]

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Category: M - R

Ryan Humphrey

Products Used: Clayton custom printed white acetal .63 picks, Clayton custom printed white Derlin .80 picks

“I love Clayton picks for a few reasons. One being they sound and feel great, while giving me different sound options on various songs. They are also great at making my logo and name look amazing so that I can stand out when I give them to fans!”

Ryan Humphrey is a singer songwriter from Charlottesville, Virginia. His music is best categorized as Americana with influences from T Bone Burnett, Jason Isbell, Ryan Bingham and Tom Petty. Ryan’s music is currently being played and [...]

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Category: M - R

Pinky Doodle Poodle

Products used: Spike Sharp Standard 0.80mm, Spike Sharp Teardrop 0.80mm and Ultem Rounded Triangle 0.72mm 0.80mm.

“We like to use pick made of Ultem material. After having tired other pick brands out, we like CLAYTON pick best. Spike or Ultem picks seem to generate clear and sharp sound.”

Pinky Doodle Poodle is a high energy, female fronted rock band from Tokyo, Japan formed in 2008. PDP features lead vocalist/bassist/guitarist Yuria, a successful Japanese anime singer often heard in popular video games in Japan as well as on solo records and with her band Honey Bee (2004-2007).

Rounding out the [...]

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Category: M - R


Products used: Custom printed Acetal 1.0mm triangle picks

“Ever since I tried Clayton guitar picks I never looked back. I play very fast and aggressive, and the grip, quality and durability of these picks are outstanding!”

MISCONDUCT was formed in the little Swedish town of Kristinehamn and have through the years developed their sound to a unique form of melodic hardcore punk. Through endless touring the band have managed to build up a very strong and loyal fan-base all around the globe.

The band has toured all over Scandinavia, Europe and North Amercia together with bands like Anti-Flag, Sick Of [...]

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Category: M - R

Michael Valenzuela aka MADV

Products used: Clayton Custom Delrin 0.73mm MADV Triangle picks.

“I use and abuse Clayton custom MADV picks , the thickness of the pick withstands the torture I put them through on a daily basis.”

Michael Valenzuela was no stranger to music growing up in a very musically inclined family. He spent the majority of his younger years in Washington state. His father was a musician playing in several well known bands, a road manager, and owns his own studio. His siblings play instruments, as well. When this family gets together, the Valenzuelas can’t resist the urge to make music together. [...]

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Category: M - R

Marcela Campos

Products used: Clayton custom printed Black Celluloid 1.0 picks

“Over the years I’ve tried picks from all sorts of shapes, materials and places around the world. My search finally ended when I came across Clayton Picks, they are definitely the best! They feel great and allow me to get the tone I love plus they are customized, it’s just awesome!”

Native from Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Marcela Campos started her first notes on guitar at age 16. After taking private lessons with the renown brazilian guitar player Roger Franco for a while, she started playing on the scene of her city, [...]

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Category: M - R

Peter Aves

Products used: Acetal Teardrops & Standards; Ultem Gold Teardrops

“Music has always played a huge part in creating special moments throughout my career; one of the first, of which I will always remember, is my Dad opening his Gibson SG case when I was 4, the teardrop pick between the strings; the Steve Clayton emblem has been engraved into my mind ever since. Using Clayton products today always project me back to that particular childhood piece of history.”

Peter Aves is a young, advanced guitarist aiming to continue to pursue his career in the music industry. This year has allowed [...]

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Category: M - R

Ronny Morris

Products Used: Clayton Custom Eco (White) 0.80mm.

“Steve Clayton has always been my number one choice when it comes to guitar picks. Maybe because it was the first guitar pick I bought when I first picked up the guitar. Wanting to develop a Eco friendly guitar pick reducing the Co2 and waste from any plast material and ink used in the production, it was natural for me to reach out to Steve Clayton, who wanted to collaborate with me. I’m super excited about our collaborate effort creating a guitar pick, which in my mind is one of the best ever, [...]

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Category: M - R

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