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Ronny Morris

Products Used: Clayton Custom Eco (White) 0.80mm.

“Steve Clayton has always been my number one choice when it comes to guitar picks. Maybe because it was the first guitar pick I bought when I first picked up the guitar. Wanting to develop a Eco friendly guitar pick reducing the Co2 and waste from any plast material and ink used in the production, it was natural for me to reach out to Steve Clayton, who wanted to collaborate with me. I’m super excited about our collaborate effort creating a guitar pick, which in my mind is one of the best ever, [...]

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Products used: Clayton Custom White Pearl 1mm, Polish: Pro lemon, Pro shine

“Finally a Pick that produces a Great Tone with an amazing Custom Print… Kudos Clayton..!!!!!!”

Redrum is a melodic Hard Rock Band based in Thessaloniki (Greece).

Athan ‘Lyssa’ Kazakis and Panos Baxevanis started the project in September of 2003 and a year later they recorded 12 songs in a local studio. After getting in touch with the well known German Vocalist Michael Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart), they?d sent the material to Duisburg, where Michael recorded all the vocal parts and co-wrote a couple of the songs.

Panos, Athan and [...]

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Products used: Clayton Custom Duraplex 0.88mm and 1.00mm.

“I love using Steve Clayton custom picks because they are indestructible. Life of the road, multiple gigs, washing machines..Nothing diminishes their durability and feel.“ Jason Kay – Prehab

Like the mythical bird that rose from the ashes, Phoenix based Prehab enjoys a story of resurrection all its own. The Arizona foursome spent the mid 1990’s playing as the Bedspins along Tempe Arizona’s Mill Ave, and the Southwest. For almost five years between 1993 and 1998, the band logged more than 500 live shows preforming energizing sets of mostly original songs.

The Bedspins [...]

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Pablo Sanchez

Products used: Clayton custom picks

“Clayton means more than guitar picks for me it means a dream come true an a solid base on my sound, they fit perfectly with my playing technique, super comfy and probably the most friendly guitar picks i’ve ever played” – Pablo Sanchez

Straight up From the tropical Costa Rica to the world, Pablo Sanchez guitar player, musician, producer and recording engineer also former member of BILLY THE KID band formed on 2008, Billy The Kid get worldwide notice for their particular way to blend hardcore and HipHop, Pablo is a main key on the [...]

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Products used: Picks, straps, polish, slides

“We have always played and used Clayton products. They are simply some of the best in the business, and we will continue to use Clayton”.

Pump5 is a band playing So-Cal Rock and are music majors from the school of hard-knocks. Pump5 has been a road-worthy song-writing machine since it began.

With Andre Bonter (formerly of The Poor Boys) on the drums, hitting has a new definition when it comes to the attack as he puts a beat down on the rhythm! Speaking of rhythm, Andrew Cates sets the bass-lines only a true [...]

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Radio Friendly

Products used: Clayton Custom Colored Delrin 1.14mm picks.

“We Love Steve Clayton picks because of the way they feel in the fingers and the way they talk to the strings lol! Best guitar picks in the industry. Hofman is the pickiest guitar player ever when it comes to playing with a product and he Loves his 1.14 Delrin Purple Love Is Alive picks. We also love the support this company provides as well True Family.”

There’s no denying that the power of music impacts lives. The members Of Radio Friendly have seen that truth become evident over and over Again [...]

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Products used: Clayton custom guitar picks.

“Clayton offers durability, eye catching aesthetics, and awesome customizability without breaking the bank!”

Sometimes things fall apart so better things can come together. This is the mindset of Chicago’s hottest female-fronted pop rock band “Phosphene”. Vocalist Jeni (of Persistence Of Memory), Drummer Andrew (of Beautiful Nightmare), Guitarist Joey (of The Tragic Loss Of Veronica Lake), Bassist Michael (of The Last Petal), and Guitarist Dan ( of Epiphany Dawns) quickly fell together after parting ways with their previous bands.

Keeping their spirits resilient in the face of overwhelming odds, Phosphene is known for being the [...]

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Category: M - R

Mike Defendant

Products Used: Clayton Custom White Delrin Standard 1.00mm.

“I love to use Clayton’s “White Derlin” Custom guitar picks. Its a great way for bands and musicians to promote the word of their projects in style. the only pics in my collection when i tour are CLAYTON USA!”

Mike Defendant (Recently signed to Profane Existence) is a driving force in the Dayton, Ohio local music scene! Since the young age of 15 Mike has played hundreds of shows and has been on 3 national tours with his acoustic mix of FOLK and PUNK! you can find his music on many different [...]

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